Tick / Mosquito Programs

We use organic oils, plant extracts and repellents, along with traps and other techniques, to control ticks and mosquitos naturally. Very few critters make the word pest pop into your mind as much as ticks and mosquitoes.  Treating these successfully without toxins can be tricky, but can be done.  Mixes of botanical oils, vegetable oils and plant extracts can kill these critters on contact.  They also provide good repellency and have a bit of residual activity after the application is made.  Sticking agents can be added to these treatments to help them last even longer.

For a more comprehensive approach on mosquitoes, we add levels of additional control that reduce populations between our spray treatments.  Female mosquitoes can lay approximately 1000-3000 eggs over the course of their short life – in the warmer weather the mosquito life cycle is completed in less than a week.  This is why populations can get out of hand very rapidly.

Mosquito traps help prevent proliferation of these insects.  Traps are strategically placed around your property to help keep the population lower.  Also, bat houses are installed on your property (placed in areas where they aren’t easy to see).  One bat can eat up to 4,000 mosquitoes per night.  The traps and bats are a perfect adjunct to a spray program.